2017 Goal: Smartphone Video and Photo Production Efficiency

I had quite an eventful year, as I transitioned into my son’s toddler phase.  In 2015, I watched him would grow from infant to baby and this year it was all about his first steps, first words, and next year will be even more exciting developments, as he turned two mid-year.

Before my son arrived, I coached others on how to create awesome digital visual content to make audiences say wow, especially in social media.  And even though my Youtube channel tutorials came to a grinding halt, along with my podcast, I really did try to keep producing, but I realized that with my home studio/home office right next to his bedroom (I guess still a “crib” room), I found my production time better suited to keeping the baby asleep during his well-deserved nap, rather than having him wake up for the recording of a podcast episode, video recording/edit or even just using the desktop to take advantage of a larger screen.

Today is Saturday, January 7th, 2017, and it’s Sean’s afternoon nap time.  As the mom of a 19-month old, the only way I can get any of my own stuff done is by multi-tasking.  That means taking a very small amount of time and jamming in what I can to get as much done as I can, without leaving any tail ends untied and unfinished.  I would completely forget what I was involved in when I would come back to it…that is if I ever remembered to come back to the task at hand.


I am multitasking right now in three ways:

  1. Writing this blog post.
  2. Publishing a video to YouTube on my iPhone.
  3. Uploading media for a holiday 2016 video.

And I produce visual media in various ways:

  1. Social media posts (mostly video)
  2. Digital photos
  3. Smartphone photos
  4. Smartphone video
  5. Printed physical photos

I had grand visions of altering the way I produce my visual media and digital content in the New Year, but the truth of the matter is, until The original blog post never got posted or even finished so that I could plan a way to approach the new year with all of the digital content that I produce.

My Method

I have always been addicted to creating visual content that really tried to be a cut above the rest.

Whether it’s my photos or videos that really strive to be well-lit, backgrounds that are clear from distracting clutter, a subject that just pops out and grabs your heart, well I am just addicted to trying to get it right from the start.

And that means knowing how to really work my camera and the tools on my smartphone to be able to capture an image in the right mode, in the right way, at the right time,and practicing alot so that when that moment comes I won’t be fumbling wondering what to do, resulting in a shot that is lost and gone forever.

As an Author

When I wrote my book, Visual Marketing: How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Attract More Customers (an Amazon Best-Seller), I had no idea that my world would change forever with the birth of my son, and a whole new way to engage online with family and friends would emerge with smartphone video and photos of my son.

When I wrote my book, I was very involved as a social media coach in helping businesses learn how to use their smartphones in every manner they could to create fresh and engaging visual content for marketing their businesses, using their smartphones.  I also became an SEO expert when I would use those smartphone photos and videos on the web, creating a ton more digital content to help with Google rankings and getting new customers to find those businesses.

As a Marketing Manager

Since my background was in marketing, I applied the skills that I had acquired to attract new customers and establish relationships with those customers through engagement and brand recognition.  You have to use every tool in your bag when company resources are tight, so I learned about lighting, photography and providing my company with photos to use for their website and for the sales team to develop new business.  My photo and video chops really grew.

As a Photographer

I took what I learned as a staff photographer, always ready to capture the next shot for purposes of social media conversation or for catalog inventory on the website.  It applies to a DSLR or a smartphone – a camera is just there to capture light through a lens.  You have a choice as to what story to want to tell with your visual story.  I’ve become sort of a video journalist through my efforts in capturing every moment I could of my son’s development.

Smartphone Video

Truth is, I take way more smartphone video than I do using the camera to fire off endless bursts of so-so photos.  I am committed to capturing every moment I can, so by shooting on HD in 1920x 080, I have 60 frames every second that I can choose from to select the best shot.  This means in between a blink, or a quick smile that happened for a fraction of a second.

With video, I can capture the true essence of my subject, namely my son, without losing any of the moments that happen before, during and after a photo.


2017 is going to be a very special year.  My son will turn 2 years old, begin to communicate with more than just an occasional word and gesturing with the help of a finger point.  I will not have to make sure he is safe every waking moment by watching him.  I am very lucky to have the help of my mom (his grandma), watch him with me.  It takes an army – that’s the truth.

My Goal

By May 28, 2017, which is Sean’s birthday, I will have a plan as to how to continue my smartphone video and photo visual media production.  As he turns two, the firsts have dwindled, and the ones that remain are larger in scale like the first time he will ride a bike.  Pretty much I will have succeeded in capturing those moments that will be gone forever, so fleeting that they will never happen again.

I will have a precise plan (like a project plan) laid out to be able to easily capture those moments, upload them for safe keeping and be able to recall them whenever I am in search of a comparison for growth and development.

Over the last 19 months, my methods have been refined for every media upload I create, and every capture is refined so it takes less time next time, and is even better.  Because my next video will be my best one.  I am on a never-ending journey to become to best I can be, and that means being a mom, with as little iPhone time as possible, unless he is on an app, learning something with me.


The most important way is how to make it an efficient process, so I have more time to be an awesome and involved mom, not just a mother who is half-watching her kid, editing videos on the side.  My son is very involved in every step of the process that I can make possible, and he has become very camera-friendly, making for some pretty hammy shots with tons of personality.

When this journey started I had no idea how much I would use all the knowledge I gained as a Marketing Manager, a Photographer and an Author.  No knowledge ever goes to waste and it has really made me a smartphone photography and video expert in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

All that Jazz

One more than about me that is pretty important in making me who I am is that I have always been a music lover, and for 7 years, I was a successful jazz vocalist with my own band (a quartet and a 7 piece with horns).  I was very involved in everything I could be.  One of the most important things I learned was the need to improvise on the fly.  I always strived to be the best I could be, striving for positive feedback from my audiences who I loved dearly.

I always gave every performance my best, but I continued to strive to make my next performance my best.

On Production

And now I will continue to make my smartphone videos and photos the best they can be to make my audiences happy, which includes family and friends (with the public to a minimum).  This little boy brings me so much joy, how could I be selfish and keep it all to myself.  And I will continue to do that through smartphone video and photo.  Until the next new and improved, EASIER way to do it comes along.  For now, there is no easier way to capture, preserve and share my child’s precious moments and legacy.

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