Why I’m addicted to capturing smartphone photos and video of my baby

Why I'm Addicted to Capturing Smartphone Photos and Video of my Baby

Why I’m Addicted to Capturing Smartphone Photos and Video of my Baby

I admit it – I’m obsessed. I love taking photographs and capturing my world. Especially the world of my 8 month old little boy. It all started when he came into the world, and every sonogram image I ever got was scanned in on my iphone even before he arrived. I’ve got photos of every week of my pregnancy, for a timelapse video of the pregnancy.

I always have my iPhone at my side, so it’s pretty easy for me to grab the smartphone and capture a quick photo or a video. But since I took up photography a couple of years ago, I am completely obsessed with capturing the right lighting, interesting composition, and well, a really interesting and rapidly developing, adorable subject.

3d-book-cover-visual-marketing-secrets-stand1-150x150There is another part of me that us always seeking to learn something new, trying to improve my craft of photography and technology. My book on Smartphone Photography hit best-seller status in less than a week on Amazon. I absolutely love my iPhone, and the improvements that have been made are absolutely incredible – particularly the improvements to the camera on the iPhone6s. (I did a podcast and a blog post on it here.)

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Love this little guy and capturing photos and video of him on my iPhone6s.

Love this little guy and capturing photos and video of him on my iPhone6s.





About me: I have been a social media specialist and marketing maven for over 20 years, and have even been asked to speak on the subject at institutions like University and Rutgers University.  But now my role has shiftedvickie-siculiano-and-sean-5mo-3-wks-say-wow-baby-2-1200 to more of a full-time mom, with podcasting and blogging in between those sacred baby naps.

Poor baby. My baby boy has just turned 8 months old and is hit with a double whammy. A tooth breaking through his gums on the bottom, and a cold coursing through his body at the same time.

The pediatrician said we were doing everything right – cold mist humidifier in his room, Tylenol if he has a fever, and Orajel for his gum soreness and swollenness.

Now one thing you should know about me is that I am a big fan of social media, and posting those precious moments to engage people. I want to share photos of my baby that will move the world and show them what he is made of, and what an amazing person he is growing up to be. I am delighted to be able to have the tools to know how not just to create, but to share immediately. The feedback you get is addicting, when it is done right.

.Now, I am not one to just snap and share from my iPhone6s. I spend some time capturing a moment, and then telling a story visually. Each video or photo is carefully hand selected by me to be part of Sean’s online story. Particularly in social media, where it will last forever.

As a former jazz vocalist, I know firsthand that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

So when baby got sick, I didn’t close up shop and say I was putting the smartphone down, or my Lumis G7 or Canon T4i, which I still shoot with regularly.

I just don’t want to share his down moments only, when there are so many other priceless moments that are so precious that will never happen again. Alongside his drooling from teething, was this cold, that unfortunately has made its way through our house – all of us have had it.

It’s all how you frame it. He had some precious moments – eating his first finger foods, starting to stand up on his own and quickly cruising. This will never happen again, and I focused on the positives, and captured everything I could, because I want to have an amazing collection of stories for this journey that we are on. Right now, I’m focused on his 1st year of life, but then the possibilities are endless, branching out into a million different possibilities.

The possibilities are endless with what you can create from your smartphone or camera.  Here is our latest Valentine’s day creation.  Note: I took this photo on a chair that I covered with white felt!  Just add photogenic kid and voila!  🙂

Valentine's creation on Canva, with a photo I took, just adding awesome design!

Valentine’s creation on Canva, with a photo I took, just adding awesome desi

I want to hear from you. Do you capture photos of your baby? Are you obsessed like me witj your smartphone,always ready to snap the next in hand? Let’s talk!


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