IPhone 7Plus Camera Review

iphone 7 plus camera review

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is remarkable, but it is not as remarkable as it could be. Just yet.

I’ve been using the iPhone 7Plus camera since I got it a week ago, and I have to say I am impressed.

As a power user of my iPhone 6S, especially for video, I was unsure that I would be able to easily get used to a new phone to learn how to use.  Here is my initial take from the mom of a toddler who has very little time or energy to expend on learning a new toy.


I use my smartphone to record a lot more video than I do photos.  The two types of videos I produce are:

Professional: for Say WOW Marketing (and soon Say WOW Baby, for other smartphone moms to learn how to do the cool stuff I do with a smartphone)

Childhood Video: Capturing the journey of my son throughout his childhood.  This is my passion and I feel has become my calling with all that I’ve learned professionally about being resourceful with the only camera I had on me most of the time (before I learned how to shoot with a real DSLR!)

Because the iPhone7Plus camera is housed in a larger body than the iPhone7, there is a need for a new iPhone mount, which I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing yet.  The quality on the iPhone 6s that I have recorded my videos with so far has been superb, easy to use and good enough for my professional training videos.  That is until I get the iPhone 7Plus mount.  The iPhone mount that I currently have is just too tight to house the iPhone 7 Plus, without taking off the Otterbox that protects it.  I would NOT use this camera without an Otterbox and swear by it for the last three iPhones I’ve had.

Microphone Jack

Because there is no headphone jack, which I was using for my lavalier microphone jack for improved audio, I have to use an adapter, which comes with the wireless headphones included with the phone.  I plug the lavalier microphone wire into the adapter, which plugs into the phone.  It is just an extra step, although a small one.  I will keep this adapter right next to my monitor, so I have it handy all the time for just shooting my teaching videos.  Not a big deal, really, but worthy of noting.  It looks like this:

iPhone 7 Plus Adapter for Microphone

iPhone 7Plus comes with a headphone adapter that can be used for a Lavalier microphone.

Rear Camera

Here is where the beauty lies in this phone, but it’s more like a rose bud than a rose in full bloom.  There is a software update than is coming to this phone that will let you distinguish between both rear facing cameras.  You see, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with two rear-facing cameras, a zoom and a wide-angle.  These cameras are supposed to blow your mind with photos that look like a professional DSLR by adding that soft, creamy, out-of-focus blur to the background of your shot while making your subject pop in full focus.  I did not realize that there is a beta version of this software out for only a handful of users who are developers.    Kind of bummed about this lacking feature, but it should be soon to come.

Initial Take

My initial take is that I am very impressed with the quality of the videos and photos that the iPhone 7 Plus produces.  I am disappointed that the software that will split the two rear facing cameras into two separate cameras that can combine a soft creamy background and a tack-sharp subject.  I hope this feature doesn’t take too long.  For now, I will be shooting special posed shots with my Lumix GX7 or Canon T4i, either one does the trick, but the Lumix is way smaller.  It’s all about convenience and keeping every resource I need close at hand before the opportunity to take an amazing moment of my son is gone.

I have so many precious moments that I’ve caught with my smartphone that I could never have captured with my Lumix.  It is definitely NOT the camera, but the photographer that will capture a priceless moment forever.

I will continue to test the iPhone 7 Plus’s ability to impress me to tears with its amazing camera, but for now I will enjoy the larger screen than my iPhone 6S, which really helps with editing before uploading to YouTube.  I am proud to have uploaded almost 700 videos to my private YouTube Channel, with nothing more than my smartphone.



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