Smartphone Photo Memories – a 9 Month Comparison

Smartphone Photo Memories are priceless when you compare

Smartphone photo memories are priceless when you can compare two precious moments in time.

9 months old. In less than 5 days my little boy will be 9 months old. Smartphone photo memories of him are priceless – not just being able to capture it, but being able to retrieve it in a snap.  And he is so very familiar with my smartphone, it’s ridiculous. It’s been so amazing to watch the progress he’s made over the course of what seems like just a few months, but it’s been jam-packed with rapid development. He’s grown not just physically, but mentally, and I love watching every moment over and over again.

Smartphone Moment 1:

I also love being able to go back in time and capture a moment to compare to today. Here is a photo of him just a few days old, in a sling. I was only able to use for about a month before he outgrew it, or just because I couldn’t carry his rapidly increasing body weight on my shoulders any longer!

Smartphone Memory: First bike ride with my newborn baby.

First bike ride with my newborn baby.

The sling allowed me to be able to get on the recumbent bike, with my hands free. I wasn’t able to pedal much after recovering from my rather physically challenging pregnancy, but I was determined to get back on that bike someday soon, and have him see that I was physically active once again.

Well, the day just came. Not only is Sean now physically able to sit up (although still needing support for his almost nine-month old body wearing 18-month clothing. It gets physically challenging to hold a really tall little nine-month old that has become pretty strong with lots of floor and play time.

Smartphone Moment 2:

In this photo, he’s on my lap, but very interactive with every handle, button and light that he sees. He just can’t get enough. And neither can I.

Smartphone Memory: Bike ride with my 9 month old, now very interactive!

Bike ride with my 9 month old, now very interactive!

Smartphone photo memories are priceless when you can compare two precious moments in time.

Taking true shape is the system to capture, share, organize and find any photo or video I’ve taken of my baby. It’s a system that I’ve been developing and refining over these past 9 months.

My social media and visual marketing chops did NOT go to waste over the years. Now I’ve just found something I’m REALLY passionate about that keeps fueling my desire to get better and better at not only capturing his most precious moments, but being able to go back and get any photo or video I want, being able to make albums, collections or even monthly videos (more on that later).

Truth is, I don’t just capture everything with my smartphone. If I use my DSLR or mirrorless camera, a Lumix G7, I can easily transfer it to my smartphone (iPhone6s) by Wi-Fi, do any minor editing I need, and share it immediately in social media.

My smartphone makes me a mobile mom who is a whiz with smartphone apps and an efficient workflow. I don’t think you should have a difficult time enjoying the most precious moments of your baby’s and your life.

Do you have any burning questions about smartphone photography or smartphone video and your baby? I am so eager to hear from you – please post your comments in the comment section, or give a shout out on my Facebook page, Say WOW Baby. Talk soon!


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