Smartphone Video and Photos of Baby Swimming Lesson


With a small handheld tripod and iphone mount, I capture my baby’s swimming lesson on my HD video and photo on my iPhone.

This past month, my 9 month old started swim class at the Y.    And you’d better believe I dove right in with my smartphone camera capturing HD video!  Babies can start swimming lessons at 6 months of age at our local YMCA.  At 9 months old, we were ready to jump on board for the Spring 8-week class.

First baby swim lesson

Baby needs a little comforting at his first lesson, but he soon finds his own comfort in kicking away happily.

Smartphone Photos

The first week of swim class, as Sean was the youngest in the group of 6, Sean was a little intimidated by all the movement in the water from other older babies who were happily splashing away and jumping into the pool into their eagerly waiting parents arms (with instruction, of course).  Poor thing was very clingy and cried a little bit.  I stayed with him nestled into a private area next to the stair case into the pool.

Second Baby Swim Lesson

At first, baby stays close, but then eventually feels comfortable enough to move away a bit.

The second week was like night and day.  His father came along this time (he wasn’t available last weekend), and was super happy to have Sean kicking happily in his arms.  Then a little while later, the instructor came over to take Sean into his arms (who by the way, cried when he approached him last week!), held him gently on his shoulder and kick doing the back float while resting on him.  Daddy took over right away and Sean was happily kicking away and resting on his shoulder in no time.

To capture the video itself is priceless. To then have these photos from the whole event I’m capturing is priceless. Why would I ever want to just catch a photo when I can have video that has life in it and movement that can’t be captured from a photo?

On Smartphone Video

I choose from the little video snippets (there was 37 in total), and stitch them together in my video editing app.  I use Videoshop, but iMovie works just fine, as well.  I like iMovie, but it is a real memory hog, and since I had my little angel, I take a heck of alot more photos and video than I ever did before!

On a side note, I am still kicking myself over not getting the 128 GB iPhone6s, after opting for the 64 when the Genius at the apple store said I would be fine with it based on my previous phone usage in settings.  Always opt for the most memory that is available to you when purchasing, as you can’t upgrade memory after you buy it.

Not only did I capture HD quality video at 60 frames per second (FPS), but I was able to capture a bunch of HD photos from the video, as well.  As long as you hold your camera still, or have it on a tripod, and you tell the camera where you want it to focus by tapping on the subject, why would you ever have to bother taking both photos and video?

I am happy to share with you the photos captured from the swimming lesson, but for privacy reasons and to maintain my son’s privacy, I will not be sharing the video.  But the photos did come from the video – they are screenshots taken at full frame size.

Do you have a special moment that you captured with your smartphone, or wish you had?  Please share, and let me know how I can help in any way!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please share!

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