Social Media Privacy and Your Baby – Instagram: Pt 1 of 3

Social Media Privacy and Your Baby - Instagram, Part 1Taking photos of baby and sharing in social media shouldn’t to risk the privacy and safety of you and your precious little one. There are some steps you can take to safeguard your most prize possession without sacrificing the privacy and safety of your entire family.

When I started capturing photos of my baby, and even before that, during my pregnancy, I was very limiting to what I would share, especially when it comes to location and geotagging. If you are concerned about social media privacy, I will be covering my three top social media sites for sharing baby’s photos, as a mom concerned about baby’s privacy and safety. In Part I of this series, I will cover Instagram and geotagging.

Geotagging should be off in your Instagram setings.

To turn this off, go into settings, go down to the Instagram app, and make sure geotagging is deselected.




Furthermore, when sharing photos of your whereabouts with baby, you don’t want to let anyone know when you are hanging out, particularly checking in to locations. If you check in somewhere, then you are letting the world know pretty much that you are not at home base, risking your security by letting someone know that you are not guarding your home base.

To see which photos are geotagged, click on your profile in the Instagram app in the lower right hang corner.


My baby photos are locked down on Instagram.


In the next two posts in this series, we will cover maintaining your social media privacy for the sake of your baby on Facebook and YouTube. If there’s another topic that you’re dying to learn more about, just post it int he comments below or on my Facebook page at See you next time!


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