Super Simple Secret to Amazing Smartphone Photos of Your Baby

The Super Simple Secret to Amazing Smartphones of Your Baby

Amazing Smartphone Photos of Your Baby are Simpler than you Think. Here’s my secret.

Yay!  And we’re off!  I’m super excited to kick off Say WOW Baby, helping you create and share smartphone photos and videos of your baby that make people say ‘WOW.’

Who am I?

Last year I wrote a book, Visual Marketing Secrets:  How to Use Smartphone Photography to Engage Online and Attract New Customers. It became an Amazon best-seller overnight.  I love photography, and shoot with both a Canon T4i Panasonc Lumix G7, but I also love smartphone photography.

I have been an online marketing manager and coach for over 15 years, especially passionate about social media.  I started up my company, Say WOW Marketing to help small businesses with social media, SEO, website development and other online marketing needs, but I had a full-time job, too.

Shortly after I had my son, I was laid off from my job as Marketing Manager of a major trade show display house when the owner sold the company.  So, I am here to stay, caring for my son full-time now, and helping you with what you should know about smartphone photography and video for your baby.

Well, it was a long road getting here.  I have been involved in internet marketng for over 15 years now. Especially social media. And recently, I was laid off, after the birth of my son.  But, my life has never been more joyful and never will be the same.  So I am totally committed to getting Say WOW Baby off the ground to help new moms get their audience’s attention (family and friends!), as I’ve been doing for my whole career in marketing, just now for YOU!

My son came into the world on May 28th, 2015.  Every day I am blown away by how many new things he discovers, and his wonderment at each and every thing he does inspires me.

I see things in a whole new way when a little person experiences the excitement of it for the first time.  It gives me so much joy, I’’d be selfish to just keep it to myself when so many people in your life aren’t able to experience it.  So, I package it up in videos and photos mostly taken on my smartphone, but always share on my smartphone in socal media.

I cannot live without my smartphone at my side.  Maybe someday they will call it something other than a smart “phone” because it is so much more than a phone now.  And I want to help moms share the excitement and joy that they experience, too, just by mastering their smartphones and understanding how to take a great shot.  And cleaning it up with tiny edits, to then share it in social media the quickest way.  It’s what I do.

I now have a treasure trove of thousands of photos and a lot of videos, captured within his first 5 ½ months on this planet.  Not only have his family members been excited to see all of his new developments, but many of them have even said they cried when they’ve watched a video or two.

Here’s one secret I want to share with you to capture great moments of your own baby.

The moments I’ve captured include a first look at the rain:


This video has a ton of frames in HD that can be pulled out and used as photos, too.  It can be just one frame or many iwthin the video that you can use,  That’s a trick you can use for your own baby.  Just shoot video, and worry about the photos later when you watch it.  Pause it and flip through the frames, with a simple screen capture

I am super lucky to have a son who absolutely loves the lens.  I try to capture every first moment that he has so can share it with family and friends in social media.  It takes practice and doing it many different ways to learn how to do it the best way every time.


Baby's First Rain - Say WOW Baby

Amazing Smartphone Photos of Your Baby Are Easier Than You Think

It does take some experience learning how to make sure that you have the best lighting, the perfect smile, making sure than your baby is in the most comfortable position for a post, and most importantly, making sure that your baby is safe during your photo or video capture,  But that’s what I’m here to help you with!

I want to help you capture the true essence of your baby, without bad lighting or poor quality being an issue.  Once the moment is gone, it is lost forever.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you learn a few simple tricks.

I own an iPhone 6s, 5s, and I’m also familiar with my husband’s Samsung Galaxy, which I always tinker with, too.  I will show you the essential tools you will need in your tool bag to catch a great shot and have it forever, and share it with the world.  I will also give you some awesome creative ideas to help you think about how to use your smartphone and your baby in a new way.  And apps?  I am the app queen – I’m all about making t super simple and quick!

So that’s enough about me and now I want to know about you!  Let me know in the comments section below what burning questions you have!  I’m really looking forward to communicating with you!

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