Why the 1SE app will change smartphone mom’s lives

The 1SE app makes it super easy for smartphone moms to capture their child's journey with just their smartphone camera.

The 1SE app makes it super easy for smartphone moms to capture their child’s journey with just their smartphone camera.

I admit it.  I am addicted to my smartphone.  Another thing I am addicted to is capturing a second every day of Sean’s life, my 15-month-old son.  I was warned even before birth at how fleeting babyhood is, and how they’ll be off to college before I know it.  I did not want that to happen to me.  And definitely not when I’ve got the best visual recorder of everyday life right on my hip every day – my iPhone.  And one of my favorite tools to create these priceless videos is 1SE.

I found out about the 1 Second Every Day app from a news segment on a father that captured a second everyday of his child’s life.

Well, it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed again today from another couple who were capturing and collecting their own child’s precious moments, as well.  Here is that post:

Here is that precious video I created with my smartphone with the 1SE app that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and that my son will be sure to, as well.  In our modern world it is hard to even imagine a time when we did not all have the same tools to create awesome videos and photos of our world.  To use my smartphone to create treasures that last a lifetime is something I am completely grateful for.

Photos OR Video

Sean's 1 Second Everyday Video

The 1SE app makes it super easy for smartphone moms to captur e their child’s journey with just their smartphone camera.

Sometimes you just don’t catch a video clip, but you might have a photo.  The great thing about the 1SE app is that you can import either into your collection, from your choice of dates.  It will include a photo rather than a video clip for that day in your completed video.  And you will have preserved priceless moments of your child that a photo just cannot capture.

I found out about the app about a month after Sean was born, so I had lots of photos and some videos, which is what you will see in the video, embedded here (and saved on YouTube forever!).  You know what, it makes no difference if it’s photo or video for me during that short time.  Yes, I wish I was on my game sooner, but I built my smartphone video capturing chops over Sean’s past 15 months.  We all have to start somewhere.

This app was instumental for me in seeing how easy it was to capture the essence of your child’s journey.  With nothing more than your smartphone camera and your imagination.  I am truly grateful.

And to be able to write this blog post for you during a baby nap I am grateful for, as well.  Sometimes you just hope and pray they happen…

Have you used the 1SE app?  Are you a smartphone mom just like me?  I so want to hear from you and how you are using your smartphone to capture your child’s life.  Look forward to hearing from you! – Vickie

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